Monday, February 23, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 2015 #9

Welcome back to another Menu Plan Monday! I probably should change the name of these since I am often publishing them on Sunday's now. Anyway, this weekend was one for relaxing, for me anyway. I've had the never ending cold as I told you about last Wednesday, but am finally nearing the 100% recovered point.

This past weekend we didn't do a ton. Friday night we all relaxed around the house and had a nice family dinner together. Saturday the kiddo and I did some shopping at the Albert Cyup Market. We had an impromptu stop at Starbucks because it decided to start pouring rain, then hail, then snow, then it stopped haha But how pretty does she look here?

Completely sums up our Saturday, cocoa and trains.

Once we made it to the outdoor market I found fresh, only peanuts as the ingredient Peanut Butter. I know some of you out there will understand.

My favorite food purchase was this dried bunch of lavender. I intend to make some bath salts with it as well as trim up the stalk part for fresh lavender tea. Anyone else have some ideas? Please share them with me in the comments! They had a lot of these so I am fine with going back and buying more!

Saturday night we did something we hadn't done in ages and ordered pizza since I was exhausted and we decided to cancel our date night.
It was terrible and I doubt we will order pizza in again.

Sunday the kiddo headed off to cheer and coffee with her friends. I did the grocery shopping and meal prep.

In the evening hubby had a dinner with some work friends and the kiddo and I decided rest was on our agenda so we relaxed and watched Gilmore Girls.

This week coming up is "Early Spring Break" for the students here in the Netherlands so we will be doing a lot of sight seeing in our city as well as going to Brussels for a day, my workouts will be light since I am still recovering and we will be doing so much walking I figure as long as nutrition is on point I should continue to rest.

Workout Schedule:
  • Monday: Fit Tutor, week 3
  • Tuesday: Pull ups/pull up training, squats, stretching
  • Wednesday: Foam rolling after sight seeing
  • Thursday: Fit Tutor, week 3
  • Friday: Jog/walk to get back in to things
  • Saturday: Fit tutor, week 3, stretching
  • Sunday: Pull ups/pull up training, squats, stretching
Weekly Life Goals
  • Finish updating resume
  • Apply for a few jobs
  • Get Etsy shop ready to go live on Mar 1
  • Finalize Berlin itinerary, making appointments at monuments that need scheduling in advance
My goals this week are fairly simple since we have such a busy planned with the half term break going on. I can't wait to post all about the things we will be seeing during this break. My menu will look a little weird this week too as we will be eating out a little more than usual.

  • Monday: Eat out
  • Tuesday: Smoothie bowls
  • Wednesday: Oatmeal power bowl
  • Thursday: Leftovers
  • Friday: Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes (from Thug Kitchen cookbook)
  • Saturday: Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes and eggs/sausage
  • Sunday: Cheesy crescent rolls (these have become a family favorite)
  • Monday: Sandwiches for a picnic
  • Tuesday: Eat out
  • Wednesday: in Brussels, will stuff our bellies with waffles and chocolate ;)
  • Thursday: Soup and panini's
  • Friday: Potato leek soup
  • Saturday: Eat out
  • Sunday: Snack on bread, smoked meat, cheese, fruit, and leftovers
  • Monday: White bean and red lentil burgers/regular burgers for the hubby, with root veggie fries
  • Tuesday: Chickpea and broccoli burritos(from Thug Kitchen Cookbook)/tacos for hubby and salads
  • Wednesday: Veggie pad Thai with Tofu (from Thug Kitchen cookbook)/teriyaki beef and rice for hubby
  • Thursday: Leftovers or breakfast for dinner
  • Friday: coconut lime rice with red beans and mango (Thug Kitchen Cookbook)/smothered chicken with fries and corn for hubby
  • Saturday: Date night for us/leftovers for kiddo
  • Sunday: Chicken wings/cauliflower with peanut sauce, rice, veggie sticks
  • Maple-oat banana bread
  • Rosemary sea salt almonds
  • Earl grey lattes
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Raspberry breakfast bars
During our travels I am going to bring along as many snacks and lunches for us as possible. I purchased a great mini-rucksack for traveling that allows me to carry two water bottles and is completely waterproof. Details to come after this week, I hope it is a winner and really helps us in our travels.

Are your kids on Spring Break yet? Or thanks to all that crazy weather in the US did they just get an impromptu break?

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  1. Your double dinners are killing me! You are too good :) Does your daughter eat what you eat usually?

  2. hahaha They really aren't that bad, they cook up fast...and most of the time the ones Monday-Thursday are just in case he doesn't eat at work dinners...I haven't cooked for him yet this week lol But yes, the kiddo always eats what I eat, she knows not to fall into her father's eating habits haha