Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The big american latte and other stuff

Last Friday was a really fun day. I started off meeting a friend for coffee and breakfast:

We met at Starbucks because we were both craving a big American Latte,...and the barista was just learning latte art so we got hearts with wings. So cute! The sandwich was actually pretty good it was egg with a spinach ricotta... YUM!

After this we went to the Purse and Handbag museum and then went our separate ways as we each had stuff going on that evening. Once I got home about 2 I was starving so I fixed up some red potatoes with onions and garlic and an egg and two egg whites with a little cheese. I am egg obsessed these days.

Then, it was off to hubby's work to meet him for the New Year's party they were hosting. We went to a place called the Nacht Wacht, it is a steakhouse that always has yummy food and good service (which, as I have mentioned before is really tough to come by here in Holland).

In true Kate fashion and my not a fan of red meat ways I went for the salmon. The crust on the outside was quite delicious. The salad was amazing as usual. I had water and white wine with dinner, of course!

At the party because it was quite chilly I stuck with red wine

This was actually a photo from the night before, but I didn't take any photos of my drink at the party so this one offered to stand in ;) hehe It was a tasty red though.

After the party we headed home, it was so windy and miserably cold that we had hot cocoa

Really helped us settle in for the night.

This weekend was a lot of fun, that salmon, seriously, really good! First one I have had cooked to my linking in years, usually they are underdone for my taste. I will say cuddling up on the couch with the hubby and hot cocoa after a long night out was the best part of the day. ;)

How do you like to wind down after a fun day?

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  1. I like to curl up with a good book and relax! Sounds like a great day!

  2. I like to hang out at home with my dogs and a hot cup of tea :) And that salmon looks really good!

  3. That snowman in the hot cocoa is so cute! On the weekends, we have movie days or spend the day cooking together as a family.

  4. I like to have some quiet time and catch up with messages on my phone.