Friday, January 23, 2015

5 easy ways to be polite...

Remember a while back when I wrote about my pet peeve, rude behaviour? Well, I am back, but with a slightly more positive spin on things. I recently joined the #1000Speak campaign and that got me to thinking of a few basic ways to be polite throughout your daily life. These truly are basic tasks that will not require anything extra out of your day nor cost you anything monetarily. Being polite or kind needn't cost anything but a few moments to remember basic manners we were all taught as a child. In today's society we are all so hurried and can't get anywhere fast enough or gazing at our phones that sometimes I think we all just need a gentle reminder that those basics you were taught as a toddler and then as a small child still ring true. So, here we go....
  1. The use of "Please" and "Thank You". These are words that are not hard to utter and should be something you learned as soon as you could talk! Thank your customers, thank your cashier, say please when ordering or when asking someone to pass you something. If someone sends you something call them and thank them or send them a card. These are things that do not take a lot of time and they really foster human interaction. 
  2. Smile. Again something that isn't hard to do, but so few people actually do it! Smiling can lift not only your mood, but the mood of those around you. I have never met a person that if you are smiling won't smile back! I have tested this theory in three countries now and every time I smile at someone they smile back! Here in Holland I've had people wave too (I'm sure they figured they must know me, but makes me happy just the same haha). So smile it is a small gesture and can completely turn your day around.
  3. Move over on the sidewalk/don't look at your phone when walking. If you are walking a few people wide and don't go single file forcing someone else to walk in the is just rude. Plain and simple. The world doesn't revolve around you and moving behind those you are walking with to make room for others to quickly pass you is such a small gesture that shows you are thinking of others. Also, when walking don't look at your phone. I have seen several instances lately of people walking in to others/poles/trash cans all because checking their phone was so important. Guess isn't! If it is...walk to the side somewhere and respond to whatever it is, give it full attention or call the person....and not on a blue tooth.
  4. Blue tooth speakers/people who love to talk on the phone on the train/tram/in a coffee shop...stop, just stop. You look weird and aren't quiet. In fact you are usually louder than if the person were sitting right next to you...we don't care about your conversation and you shouldn't want us to hear it.
  5. Hold the door. Seriously, if you see someone exiting right behind you or coming in as you are leaving, just hold the door...don't let it slam in someone's face. There is no call for it and it will really brighten their day...oh and smile at them as they go in or out of the door...double politeness whammy right there! BOOM!
So, there ya go, five simple ways to go about spreading kindness in your day. The world will thank you for it and so will your mind. Thinking of others is a natural boost for you and for those around you. People will notice when you take them into consideration and with all that is going on in the world today we could all use to spread a little kindness and cheer.


  1. In addition to your please and thank yous (which are essential, in my opinion) I'd also like to add the simple "excuse me". I've had people who'd rather shove me out of their way (or press up uncomfortably close against me) than say "excuse me, I need to get that cheese you've been standing in front of for 20 seconds". It's kind of sad that we've kind of rescinded the simple manners of yesteryear, but I think people are starting to realize (AGAIN) that those virtues and courtesies are essential.
    Great post- it's sadly relevant, but hopefully that will change.
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. Yes, Litha, I couldn't agree more, that one definitely needs to be added in there. How could I forget, it happens weekly to me in the store, not sure why people think it is okay to just push someone out of the way like that or shoulder their way in without using a common courtesy first.

  2. Love your positive approach. I get SO bummed when folks can't give simple courtesies like these. Everyone is so busy, but this list takes no time at all. Thanks for putting it together as a reminder!

  3. So, I smile all the time and people always ask me why I am so happy. Seriously? Its just a nice thing to do! :-)

  4. I cannot stand when someone doesn't hold the door for you, it's so rude. Lovely post with a positive message.

    Thanks for linking up with #linkalist

  5. Manners cost nothing as my Mom always says.
    Thanks for linking up to #linkalist x