Sunday, January 11, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 2015 #3

Happy Sunday y'all! I was slacking last week...we had company in town, I got to catch up with friends. It was a great week but left little time for me to do my usual weekly stuff!

I will say we are starting the 2nd full week of the year and I do NOT feel like I have done much toward reaching the goals I set forth for myself this year and it is making me totally anxious! So, this week, I change that.

Last Week Workout Review
Monday: Speed and agility
Tuesday: Back to core
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Vertical Plyo
Friday: Off (I did do a lot of dancing and walking though)
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Game day and relief

This last week was just a bit off. I felt off. Today though I am back at it, pulled a double with Asylum game day and the stretching dvd relief. I even ran two miles...I did a warm up of one mile, then before relief I went out and did a second mile.

This week's planned workouts:
Monday: Back to core plus 2 mile run
Tuesday: Strength and 2 mile run
Wednesday: Relief plus 2 mile run
Thursday: Speed and agility
Friday: Vertical Plyo
Saturday: Strength and 2 mile run
Sunday: 2 mile run and relief

This week I have lots to accomplish.

  • 2 projects I want to complete for the blog 
  • 2 projects to complete to get me a step closer to a businessish goal
  • I will pick back up on studying my Dutch, at least an hour a day
  • I will start reading The Poet's Wife


Acai Bowl x2 (recipe to come)
Sweet potato pancakes and mushroom sausage x2
Leftovers or omelettes
  • For prep I have the acai juice frozen already so it just has to be taken out in the morning. Sunday I will make granola, pancakes, the mushroom sausage, and a big pot of oatmeal. I will divide it all up into smaller containers so it is all ready to go.
Apple/pb wrap (recipe to come)x2
Veggie Stir Fryx2
Soup and sandwiches
Snacks of smoked meat, bread, cheese
  • I will prep one big salad ahead for the week, plus one flavored salad I've been interested in trying. The veggie stir fry will be put together after Sunday dinner from leftovers this past weekend. The apple/pb wrap will be made fresh those mornings so the apple doesn't brown too much.
Monday: Broccoli fritters, burger sliders, rice, healthy fried apples
Tuesday: Maple baked lentils and sweet potatoes with toast, baked potato and chicken for hubby
Thursday: BBQ chicken/bbq mushroom cauliflower mix with rice
Friday: Chicken fingers/veggie fingers with fries
Saturday: Tacos and salad
Sunday: Chicken wings/cauliflower "wings" and pizza
  • The kiddo and I are going mostly meatless. Hubby is not, so there will always be a protein cooked at each meal. All my dinners I make fresh the day of as I feel that dinner is a special meal time and want everything to be as fresh and as warm as possible.
The other day I was talking to a friend about feeling down about taking care of the house. A few years ago, right after we moved to Canada I was feeling off when it came to taking care of the house. Just lazy and not really wanting to do much, basically I felt overwhelmed by all the things to do. Well, one day when I was browsing the library, I found and checked out the book: Hip Home Ec: Get Crafty. This really viewed the way I took care of my home and my family and really was an inspiration to me. If you aren't feeling totally into organizing and doing all those home improvement things check out this book, I bet it will really change your attitude!

Well, that is what I have going on this week. What about you?


  1. You sound like you are off to such a healthy start!! I need that kind of jump start :-) I've been a bit crazy this week. I just became a Jamberry rep so I had my launch party. It was a lot of fun though :-)

    1. How fun! Those Jamberry nails are so cute, that would be a fun business to have!

  2. The bitter cold this past week had me feeling a bit off, too. Hope it's back to normal soon - looks like a productive week for you!

    1. I hope we are back to normal soon too, this crazy wind is not my far Monday is starting off right so I can't complain too much though. Being stuck inside does seem to have an advantage!

    2. I hope we are back to normal soon too, this crazy wind is not my far Monday is starting off right so I can't complain too much though. Being stuck inside does seem to have an advantage!

  3. Good luck on all of your tasks this week! Your meals look so yummy--I bought green lentils but I have NO idea what to do with them!

    1. Green lentils are great! You picked good ones to buy, they don't get a "mushy" as red lentils. I think you can boil them up like rice 1:2 ratio of lentils:water, as they boil, uncovered watch them and add water as needed until they are tender. Then you can honestly kind of do whatever with them. Use them in meatless burgers, make a stew, try the recipe I posted a link to with them baked up with sweet potato and maple syrup, I bet that would be amazing for breakfast, I can't wait to try the recipe! haha They are super high in protein too so there is also a triple lentil soup I'm making this week to have post workout.

  4. wow you have a busy week planned!! You menu looks great!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is busy, but luckily I don't have to leave home for most of it! ;)

  5. That sounds like a great plan for workouts and meals! Sweet potato pancakes sound really good!
    Have a great week!

    1. I am baking the sweet potatoes now to make the pancakes....I think I will do them with some cinnamon and a little maple syrup so they can be a grab and go for the teenager, she has been waking up later and I don't think the smoothies are doing quite the trick to fill her up until lunch.

  6. I felt a little off too last week, maybe it's just finding our groove with all these plans for the new year? Hope you have a great week this week!!

    1. Hmmm I think it could be all the plans I've had and have yet to take the steps to make them come to fruition. I made a detailed list last night and have been checking it off this morning so feeling a little more "present"...hope your week goes the same way! :D

  7. Looks like a great menu and workout plan! Hope your week is wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much, Lina, I hope your week is great as well!

  8. I was off my usual two days week but feeling better today. You have such yummy meatless options. Hubby and iare trying to do more meatless too but little guys always need protein. Thanks for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!