Saturday, January 24, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 2015 #5

So, do y'all realize this week is the last week in January?! Last. That means there are only 11 more months left in this year people. I need to check back over my goals and seriously reassess. Get some balls rolling as the year is just disappearing!

Life Goals
Speaking of disappearing, how is your goal planning going if you do that sort of thing? Last week I set the following goals:
  • Last week
    • Last week I reevaluated some business goals and instead of playing catch up I set new, more manageable goals. 
    • Worked on Dutch 3 times-getting some of the basics. 
    • Stuck to my menu 6/7 days, not too shabby...the one day I didn't follow the menu we really needed to use up leftovers!
  • This Week
    • Continue Dutch try and go for 5 times this week.
    • Get Etsy shop designed and live
    • Follow menu and go for 7/7
    • Start to get some running miles in, despite the cold.
Fitness Goals

  • Vertical Plyo +1 mile
  • Back to core, 2 miles and relief
  • Vertical Plyo and relief
  • Speed and agility, 1 mile
  • Game day, 1 mile, relief
  • Rest/Relief
  • X-Trainer (Asylum Vol. 2)

Anyhoodles. We are back at menu planning. I feel like I did great at sticking to my menu last week. I am pretty sure it is all due to the prep. Easy, healthy meals were had and there was no "oh-mi-gosh it is 5pm what do I eat now?!". So, that prep will be happening yet again.

  • Apple banana quinoa cups with potatoes x3
  • Acai bowls x2
  • Apple and spice breakfast lentils
  • Leftovers...we have a cheer competition so it will really all depend on the times there.
  • Me:
  • I will prep these ahead then eat them all week changing out the protein and other additions on my salad all week.
    • Make a big batch of kale and quinoa minestrone
    • Big spinach salad and dressing 
  • Kiddo
    • PBJ on leftover sweet potato pancakes with chopped fruit and kale x2
    • Leftovers x2
    • Eat out one day
  • Weekend
    • Vegan pizza buns and salad
    • Sunday will depend, I will try and bring stuff for us but if there will be restaurants nearby the venue we will just eat out.
  • I'm really going for cleaning out the pantry and freezer here so most of this stuff I already have on hand, grocery trip will be small and easy on the budget!
    • Maple baked lentils
    • Vegan fried rice  (this will use up any leftovers and any veggies that are about to go bad)
    • Stamppot (I've been seeing stuff for this in the grocery store. It is a dutch dish that I will post more about later)
    • Lentil-bean tacos with steamed veggies (this dish uses up the triple lentil soup I made two weeks ago and froze and some black beans I've had in the freezer)
    • Soup and panini's...we will use up the kale and quinoa minestrone I made for lunches earlier this week
    • Roasted red pepper pasta with spinach
    • Sunday will be leftovers. Just raid the fridge and pantry and eat whatever, I doubt we will be hungry if we eat while we are out, so going simple here.
Well, that is it for me this week, what do you have going on?

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  1. Mmm, maple baked lentils sound yummy! I'm actually okay to say goodbye to January. I'm ready for warmer weather and more sunshine!

  2. Your breakfasts and dinners look sooo yummy! Nice job with your goals! I need to do some evaluating...I'm looking forward to doing better tracking of my blog statistics.

  3. Love your cute little to-do list graphics, and inspired by the lentils this week. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank Amanda! I made them through picmonkey...I love that site! They have so many awesome options for creating graphics!

      Have you had lentils much? Since the kiddo and I don't eat any meat right now I love them because they are super high in protein and fiber!

  4. I love your work on Dutch goal! Still find it so cool that you live over there :-)

    1. Thank you JoAnn! It really is so much fun, and since I've been spend just 30 min to an hour a day on it I am understanding so much more!

  5. Due to the prep is my menu planning mantra! A few hours on Sunday makes for a much easier work week.

    1. It sure does! Prior to last week I have always been sort of lazy about it, but getting on it last week really showed me how valuable the prep is!