Monday, January 5, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 2015 #2

This week we have a friend visiting and I am catching up with my friends after the long holiday break so there will be a lot of eating out, will have to make sure I make good choices!

Breakfast options:
Acai Bowl

Lunch options:
Me: leftovers, superfood salad X2, eat out x2
Kiddo: fruit and fries, veggie wrap x2, apple pb wrap x2
Saturday: Pulled bbq chicken/bbq mushroom sandwiches with vegan creamed spinach, salad, and any leftovers
Sunday: Muffins, coffee, fruit

Dinner options:
I say options here because with a friend in town this may  not go 100% as planned.
Cheese burgers/bean burgers with apple sauce and grilled tomatoes
Tacos/veggie tacos with salad
Chicken wings/baked cauliflower with rice and a salad
Pizza with salad and bread
The "empty days" will be out to eat.

Fitness is going well. I started Insanity Asylum Vol 1 on the 1st so here is my workout schedule this week:
Monday: Speed and agility
Tuesday: Back to core
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday:Vertical Plyo
Friday: Game Day
Saturday: Back to core
Sunday: Relief

I will talk more about the program in my What I Ate Wednesday post as this program is super crazy and deserves some serious attention!

So, what are you making this week?

P.S. Make sure to join the party over at Mommy Run Fast, Jill Conyers, and I'm an Organizing junkie.


  1. The apple, peanut butter wrap for your kiddos lunch. Is that just apple, pb and a wrap?? I wonder if my daughter would like this? She is super picky about sandwiches and stuff but she loves apples w/pb!! I am always looking for ideas that she would like for a packed lunch!

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply! Yes, it is just a tortilla wrap (I use just plain flour as I can't find whole wheat here and the ingredient list is so small I know it is pretty basic hehe) spread with Peanut butter, then I cube and apple and throw it in with some raisins or craisins and sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg. It is so good and so filling! I will post a full recipe this week with pictures.

    2. This sounds great!! I am going to try it for my daughter. I will look forward to seeing the recipe!

  2. Sounds like a great week- enjoy the time with your friend!

    1. Thank you, we have had a blast, I love showing people around as it means I can hit all my favorite tourist attractions! haha

  3. Your Acai bowl sounds heavenly.
    I love tacos too :)

    1. The Acai bowls are amazing, one of our favorite things to eat. I will be posting a recipe for it later this week! :D

  4. I've been wanting to try baked cauliflower! Do you have a recipe or special way you do it?

    1. Krista, the baked cauliflower is so yummy, it definitely needs a sauce though, this is the first recipe I ever tried: It was yummy and filling. I make it just about every sunday. Some days I just bake it and then I put it in a homemade bbq sauce then put it back in the oven so it really glazes up! Try it, really amazing and so good for you!