Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rome Eats! (WIAW)

Wow! This last weekend was a whirlwind! We got up Friday and dashed to the airport and met our good friends from Vancouver in Rome for a little weekend getaway and sightseeing. We drank and ate way too much but we had a fantastic time!

Day one started on the plane with some solid reading and a blueberry muffin I split with the hubs...

Once our turbulence ended I was delivered this "american coffee" brew it with a coffee bag! How funky huh?! Don't worry it was everything you dreamed it would be...crappy! hahaa So,  next time someone offers you an American Coffee brewed with a bag say no thanks and wait until you land in Italy! 

 After we landed we were starving so we check out some was not okay. We took two bites and dumped it.

After that we found some more pizza and were way more pleased with our choice...we grabbed a bottle of wine to go with it and had a picnic. It was amazing.

Dinner was fantastic. Prosciutto with fresh mozaarella balls, carbonara for the hubby, and regular spaghetti for me. We got to dine outside...was a fantastic evening!

On the walk home we scored some fantastic ice cream....

Day two started with a trip to an Italian Coffee bar....I have to say it was so hectic, I could not enjoy my coffee like that everyday, but it was a fun experience to drink my coffee at the bar...

So amazing, the milk was frothed perfectly...I hadn't had milk like that in a very, very long time!

After this we walked around a bit and then decided on a brunch before our tour of the Coliseum....

More prosciutto for he something omelet like...was good though!  

...and french was very good and delicious!

I of course had a latte with was fantastic!

After spending a solid two hours touring the Coliseum we needed a we found a nice cafe nearby, bought half a liter of wine and some fruit and ice cream and we were happy campers.

After this we made our way to the store for yet more wine and some appetizers.
We sat around for a solid 3 hours enjoy wine, bread, some balsamic and olive oil, and parm. A few of us may have napped before showering ;)

After all this good food we decided to get dressed up and walk to a more locals only area we were told to go to for food. We had some delicious eats...

Spinach ravioli...the pasta was all made in house. It was delicious!

Our desserts....chocolate cake above and tiramisu below. All were made in house. They were so amazing.

After all of this we took a long walk home to see all the major sites lit up at night, we even got a look at Trevi Fountain, but it was mostly all covered up as they are doing some restoration work on it until 2016. But, such a great way to end a fantastic day!

Our final hours in Rome were a bit hectic as we had to get packed up, but we got up a bit early for a last coffee and pastry...

Time to say goodbye :(

But this totally made up for it!

At the airport we had some time to kill since our friends flight was about 90 minutes before ours, so we found a great burger bar. We were worried it would be awful but it is probably the best burgers we'd had since coming to Europe...

(Sorry for the sideways picture apparently blogger hates me so I will try and fix later)

It had cream cheese, peppers, fried onions, and spinach. It was amazing.

(again, sorry)...this was the best espresso I'd had in a while. The after taste had citrus notes to it...I loved it! The truffle on the side wasn't bad either!

So, those were our eats from our weekend getaway to Rome, Italy! 

Have you ever been to Italy? What was your favorite restaurant or dish you got while there?


  1. What a fabulous sounding trip! You made me want to eat EVERYTHING :-) And how did you guys did not sleep away the evening after the wine and the fabulous sounding meals?! I would have passed out at 4 - hehe :-)

  2. the food looks fantastic! i loved Rome!