Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I cannot believe it is already October 31! How is this even possible?!

So, for Halloween I thought I would talk about Halloween here in Holland.

Funny enough The Netherlands doesn't formally celebrate Halloween on October 31st like we do. There is no formal trick or treating, dressing up in costumes, etc. We were able to find some decorations in a craft store. So this is how I decorated my table:

This is the whole table.
I started with a "bloodied" curtain I found at a craft store.

Then I flanked either end with these tomb stones.

Added a couple of candles (that can double for Christmas) and put them under some cereal boxes covered with chrome duck tape to catch drips.

Then I made the adorable orange pumpkin (so easy tutorial to come) and added a couple small white gourdes.

The wine bottle was holding M&M's but, well, with a house full of people those don't last long ;)

Last weekend when our friends were in town visiting we went off to the Keukenhof Haunted Castle. We had an absolute blast. Took us a little over an hour to get out there via transit and about 3.5 hours to get back!

The castle all lit up. The haunted parts weren't actually in here they were all through the grounds.

The scariest one for me. It was super creepy inside lol the actors they had were amazing! The kiddo and her friend went though alone and when they asked which way to go at one point they actually gave them a solid pointed finger for the direction, but when we (the older people asked) they totally screwed with us at first, it was awesome lol

About to go in, we go photo bombed by our friend and the guy just hanging around up there hahaha

Funny thing about this Haunted Castle..not so sure why I was hell bent on going. I do not like scary things. I hate scary movies, I can't even watch the Walking Dead due to nightmares! I am jumpy as all get out, but I think that is partly why I wanted to go. We had such an amazing time. Like one of my friends said, "It is amazing how much you can laugh while being so scared!" 

So this Haunted Castle only goes on for two days a year...they did a bang up job. The whole grounds were completely decorated and looked amazing. 

My only complaint was when they closed the haunted house lines at 10:30, 90 minutes before the place was supposed to close. Not sure the purpose there, I think it is a cultural thing that I will talk about in another post.

On the ride home waiting for the train. It was very chilly and windy so the girl huddled up together under our friends sweater.

So, funny story we didn't actually realize they wouldn't have extra transit going back and forth from the Keukenhof to the train stations so we were at the mercy of the evening bus schedule. Luckily they still had busses running late into the evening but boy was it an adventure figuring it all out!

Something none of us will forget though!

For tonight, one Mama from our school worked really hard to plan out a route of people who were willing to decorate their houses and hand out candy. Which is fantastic, but some of the teenagers decided to head off to Fright Night at a local amusement park. So much fun and makes it more like home for her.

I do know there are some Halloween parties happening at local clubs, but we were too lazy to put together costumes and stuff this year.

I will say it has been interesting not having the usual pomp and circumstance surrounding Halloween. This is the fist year the husband and I aren't really doing anything except for a romantic evening of couch cuddling.

How are you spending your Halloween?

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