Thursday, October 2, 2014

10 Things that Make Me Smile

Bet ya didn't know that today is World Smile Day!  Pretty awesome day...and since I love to smile I thought I would share a list of 10 things that make me smile!

1. The Teenager. She is hysterical. She has a great personality, is quirky, and is strong in her convictions and all those things make me smile.

2. My Husband. He is wacky and insane....he has a hobby and career (that are closely related) and he encourages me to dive into my projects and hobbies. Plus he loves to make me laugh and smile and so that helps me to always be happy.

3. Living in Europe. The opportunity and experience this and share it with my husband and teenager is a true dream come true.

4. A great friend that despite the miles that have separated us over the years we keep in touch and get together whenever we are in the same vicinity or make a point to visit one another.

5. Parents who are kind, giving, and helpful.

6. My bike. I love the fact that I get to travel everywhere via bike and see the city from a different point of view.

7. My iPhone 6. Seems small but I love the larger screen and how much faster it is than my old 4! Originally I wasn't going to take the plunge and get one, but after seeing it and holding it in person and taking pictures with the amazing camera I couldn't not get one!

8. Our new duvet cover. It makes our bedroom look ten times better than the ugly plain black one we had before.

9. These coffee syrups...they are good and easy on the wallet ;) Plus they lead to a really amazing coffee time with afore mentioned teenager!

10. Fall flavors. You can make them spicy or sweet and serve them warm or cold...tasty all different ways.

So, what makes you smile?

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  1. What a great list! Here's what made me smile this morning -- the weather is finally warm enough for me to enjoy my morning coffee on the front porch when I wake up. I love the sunshine and the sound of the birds

    1. Ooooh morning coffee on the porch! Heaven! Thanks for such a lovely list! <3

  2. Oh coffee syrups.... yum! Missing my coffee binges.
    Love your list, it's always the simple things.

    Thanks for linking up with #linkalist

    1. hehe thanks! It really is the simple things that make life pleasurable. Over the last year that is what I have focused on, makes getting through tough days easier! :)

  3. That's a great's simple it :)