Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Recipe" for a perfect fall weekend +menu plan monday #56

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. I think it has something to do with growing up in Florida it was a season I didn't see much of. I had no idea what leaves changing really looked like, what it really meant to have that change in the weather, and how cozy fall fashion can be!

So, here is my "recipe" for the perfect fall weekend:

1 part quality time with he husband.
2 parts family time.
1 part sightseeing.
2 parts enjoying nature.
Plus a pinch of relaxing to rejuvenate the soul

Which is everything we did this weekend...

Started with an amazing breakfast of banana pancakes and healthy fried apples.

It was a gorgeous fall day so we took a friend on a bike ride through the countryside....

Everything is still so lush and green,,,we are loving was super muddy though and very windy!

I love the directional signs!

We then biked downtown and enjoyed a drink on the patio...where service was even more horrendous than normal lol

We than had an impromptu picnic on the edge of a canal..nice oil slick, eh?

We then took a lovely canal cruise...

This is the Nemo Science and Technology Centre.....

This is the back of has seats so you can sit up there and enjoy a beverage or the summer it has a water installation so the kids can play up there and stay cool! I also love the sailboats!

We then had a full day of cheerleading...

I loved this was so clean!

I took a walk to stretch my legs...this lake was beautiful...I love that fountain that is out there.

I love coming home on the train...that still has not gotten old. The quality time I get with the kiddo when we are waiting is priceless.

Ended the day with a homemade meal...end of season zucchini and onions, sweet potato fries, and a chicken breast on the foreman.

We had such a fabulous weekend...hard to believe it will be topped by a trip to Rome here shortly! If you follow me on Instagram you can see my Rome photos as the happen. ;) get ready for the week ahead!

Cream of Wheat, cereal, fruit bowl, eggs and veggies scramble

Monday: Leftovers: chicken parm with zucchini
Tues: lunch out with a friend/ham and cheese sub
Wednesday: Leftovers or tuna salad
Thursday: Tuna salad/ham and cheese sub
Friday: pbj, apple, chips, soda as a treat ;)

The time has come for the husband to crunch, so sadly the kiddo and I are on our own for dinner this week so it will be full of mostly meat free.

Monday: Whole wheat ravioli with onions, garlic, and cherry tomatoes
Tuesday: Open face caprese sandwiches with side salad and pumpkin
Wednesday: Thin crust pizza's with side salad
Thursday: Caprese quinoa bake (to use up the basil from earlier in the week & to freeze some)
Friday: Dinner in Rome! YAY!
Saturday: Dinner in Rome again! YAY!
Sunday: We will go to the Pure Markt once we are back from Rome and get some amazing for Amsterdam BBQ.

That sums it up for me this week. I can't wait to try the quinoa bake. My dirty little secret is that I am not a quinoa lover so I am hoping that will help me like it a bit more.

What are you cooking up this week?

Btw, I am linking up over at Org Junkie, come join the par-tay! :)


  1. yum! how did you do your fried apples? Thanks for stopping by my menu plan today, i get it into my paper planner but it's fun talking about good recipes with fellow bloggers.

    1. It is super easy! I just cut up one apple person, then I melt some coconut oil in a pan and when it is melted and warm throw in the apples, sprinkle with apple pie spice, and cook until tender! They are really tasty but have so much good fat!