Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

Wow! What a weekend it was, obviously, since I am just now getting to my weekend wrap up! It has been such a hectic few weeks since I switched the name of the blog trying to get all the links and what not updated, it has take quite a bit of my time. But, I think they are all updated and are all repinned to pinterest! If you find one that isn't feel free to send me an email through my contact form on the right & let me know so I can get it fixed!

Anyway, moving on...we went up to Whistler for the weekend. This is a prime skiing location, but since we don't ski (yet) we went up before the season started so rates were cheaper and we didn't need chains to get up the road! ;) In any case here is the weekend in pictures....

When we first arrived our room wasn't quite ready yet so we took a look around the village...

Here is my husband climbing up on a very icy, slippery chair...he finds the most amusing ways to almost kill himself when we are doing something fun!

The gondola up to Blackcomb...there is another just to the right for Whistler.

Whistler mountain and the lifts...isn't it beautiful! In fact, they have gotten so much snow up there they are able to open for the season 4 days early! 

Breakfast at Elements on Saturday. Absolutely delicious and pretty good service! You can check out my review of the place on yelp. After this we just toured the village some more, took a nap, and enjoyed the hot tub next to all the snow. It was a rainy day, but we made the best of it. We enjoyed a great italian place for dinner.

Sunday, we did a distillery tour up in Pemberton. They produce an organic vodka that actually uses local potato's! It's the only vodka I have ever heard of that is sort of a farm-to-table type deal. So anyone who like to "eat local" and you are in Vancouver you can now get Vodka and Whiskey that are considered "local".  Here are a few shots of the place and the equipment....

The guy was quite knowledgeable and really enjoys his job. His wife helps him run it and his brother, uh, "volunteers". They did a great job explaining everything (if only I had known you could get a Master's degree in distillation when I was in University!) and letting us taste all the goodies they produce. My favourite was by far their schnapps.

The last thing we did on Sunday was after a terrible dinner at Ric's, we popped over to the Bearfoot Bistro and did a vodka tasting at their Belvedere Vodka Room. It is kept at -25 Celsius so when you go in you have to wear giant parkas. I was in a dress & open toed heels and my toes were freezing by the end! So if you go I recommend wearing uggs if possible! ha! The guy who hosts the tastings is very knowledgeable and loves his job so be friendly to him and he will treat you right! ;)

So those are the highlights of our weekend. It was a ton of fun....can't wait to share with everyone the food, but that needs to be a separate post!

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