Sunday, November 3, 2013

November's Menu + my weekly meal plan

So, yet again it's been a while! Taking time out to write isn't necessarily easy when life is coming at you fast! We've had such beautiful weather here in Vancouver that I've definitely been taking the time out to get my Vitamin D in and enjoy the sun and colourful tree's while we have them!

So, here is a bit of a legend for how my meals are planned out:
Monday: easy meal that is yummy warmed up since we eat really early due to an after school activity
Wednesday: usually a crockpot meal or something that will be whipped up in 15 min or less due to two hours of cheerleading after school
Friday: always a new restaurant as we always try to go to a new place, these usually go cheap, moderate, expensive, we also use Groupon or when possible.

But, I did manage to work on my menu for's what we have:
1st-New Restaurant Friday-Harvey's...pretty good for a fast food burger!
2nd-I actually didn't cook...we split a pizza since the kiddo was out :P
3rd-caramelized pork chops with rice and squash
4th-soup and salad/baked potato
5th-Marinated round steak with squash and potato cheese rounds
6th-Crockpot turkey soup and whatever sides are leftover
7th-playing things by ear, will create a meal from whatever is leftover so we can clear out the fridge
8th-11th: Kiddo at Camp/We are out of town on a mini-vacation
12th-Chicken and cheese crescent rolls and salad
13th-crockpot beef and broccoli with rice (pinterest)
14th-Korean sizzling beef and rice (pinterest)
15th-Mini beef wellington with corn and broccoli
16th-Chicken wings with cheese and bacon chips
17th-Happy Birthday to me!!! We will go out to eat today & try a new place. I am hoping to try the restaurant at the summit of the mountain close to our house. *Finger's crossed* *hint, hint, honey* ;)
18th-Leftover night/breakfast for dinner if there aren't any leftover's to be used up
19th-taco's with corn and salad
20th-Soup and Grilled Cheese
21st-BBQ Chicken Pizza and salad
22nd-New Restaurant Friday-Nicli Pizzaria
23rd-Ribs and veggies
24th-Chicken alfredo and salad
25th-Baked potato soup with easy sliders (pinterest)
26th-Cheesesteaks with veggies and milkshakes
27th-Sweet and sour chicken with fried rice
28th-"fool" meal that looks like dessert but is really dinner, and dessert that looks like dinner but is really dessert. The kiddo requested dessert for dinner, so this what I am going to surprise her with.
29th-New Restaurant Friday: Spagheti (it's a Japanese take on Spaghetti)
30th-Spaghetti, salad, and cheese rolls

Now for this week's meal plan:

Monday: Kiddo: monkey bread bites; me: pumpkin granola
Tuesday: Kiddo: last of the monkey bread bites; me: pumpkin granola
Wednesday: cereal/granola
Thursday: cereal/granola
Friday: any leftover cereal/granola, if there is nothing we will just make a protein smoothie & call it a day.
Saturday-Sunday: Out of Town

Monday: Leftover squash and nuts/tuna salad
Tuesday: Leftover soup and rolls or potato/salad
Wednesday: Taco's using up leftovers
Thursday: Turkey soup
Friday: Kiddo: eat out, as I won't see her to clean out her tupperware/thermos; Me: If there are any leftovers in the fridge I will have those, otherwise I will go to the salad bar across the street from my place.
Saturday-Sunday: Out of Town

Monday: soup and salad/baked potato
Tuesday: Marinated round steak with squash and potato cheese rounds
Wednesday: Crockpot turkey soup and whatever sides are leftover
Thursday: playing things by ear, will create a meal from whatever is leftover so we can clear out the fridge
Friday-Sunday: Out of town

I get so lazy on weeks that we are going to be out of town. I don't like to have much in the fridge/freezer as I'm afraid what could being to smell in the event of a refrigeration disaster! LOL So, it's a pretty easy week focused on using up the leftovers.

Our daughter is off to girl guide camp this weekend and we are heading up to Whistler for  little mini vacation, if anyone has ever been to Whistler I am 100% open to suggestions on places we must try for eating out/night life! Where is your favourite place to go for a mini 4-day vacation?

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