Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Review!!!

So, I haven't been feeling terribly well the last few days, but am finally up & at 'em again! A healthy diet, good workouts, and lots of rest got me through! My awesome hubby made sure I didn't overdo it and that I got all the rest I needed! So, I am here to tell y'all a bit about our Easter weekend (a week late lol) & talk about the Easter baskets my daughter & I put together. I know it is a bit late but hopefully there will be some ideas to put on your list for next year!!!

So, our Easter weekend Started our early as hubby had Friday off so we just got errands done and relaxed  as a family. Hubs did "research" for work & played a video game all day while the kiddo & I did all the grocery shopping. She was a champ at Costco but felt "cheated" because there weren't many sample stations out. :( Honestly I felt cheated too lol Then Saturday it was a gorgeous day here in Vancouver so we headed out to our favorite local place & sat on their patio for a few hours, then headed to dessert at our favorite waffle bar. Sunday we cooked a largeish dinner, did baskets, delivered baskets, and just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful Vancouver weather!!!

On to the good stuff though! So, my daughter follows a young lady on YouTube called Macbarbie07. I've watched several of her video's & think she is super cute & is one of the few people I don't mind my daughter following because I think her video's and fashion advice are very appropriate for girls their age. Well, there was a video on Easter gift ideas. My daughter followed many of the ideas on here & put together baskets for her closest friends. First she thought about the things her friends like & what sort of DIY stuff she could put in there. She decided first on the blown out message eggs included in the video tutorial. That was fun!!! (Tip: if you get blue food coloring on your rented walls/tile floor use peroxide to get it out!). She did find though when you are blowing out the egg it is much easier to blow it out when you cut the straw down & make a short straw. Also, cutting the straw in to many pieces & just using a new piece each time was the easiest thing to do. Also, we found making a couple extra helped because some broke when putting the message inside. ;)

Top left: Peeps, paper bag scrapbook, snow globe, diy hair bow, a candy filled egg, and message egg
Top right: Chocolate bunny, snow globe, painting kit, and message egg
Bottom left: diy hair bow, message egg, candy egg, diy makeup remover (half olive oil/half filtered water)
Bottom right: Chocolate bar, lip gloss, nail polish, message egg, candy filled egg

Most tutorials can be found on the MacBarbie07 YouTube channel as linked above. Here is how to make the paper bag scrapbook.

Paper bag Scrapbook

One paperbag

Fold the paper bag in half. Fold the card stock long ways & cut in half. Fold over the fold of the paper bag and glue down. Choose a picture for the front & crop to fit. Add title if you wish. Then, choose which pictures you'd like in the scrapbook. Crop them & you can mount on card stock if you wish & write captions on the back. My daughter however chose to write on the pictures themselves with archival quality markers. Then stick them in the open part of the paper bag! Super simple & super cute!

Now here are the baskets I made hubby & the teen: 

For the teen I did a cute jar centre piece with peeps & robin eggs, a chocolate bunny, another little centre piece with peeps (I thought hubby liked them but he didn't so I gave the teen double lol she wasn't complaining). The eggs were filled with money for Starbucks deliciousness, then a couple of bright notepads for school & list making. Then, hubby got a basketball basket (since it is his favorite time of year afterall), with some goodies to keep him awake all  night for his "research" (aka video game playing, must be nice to be a designer & have your excuse to play video games be work related), then those are our gorgeous eggs!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday last weekend & that your April has started off with wonderful showers to bring those May flowers!!! :)


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