Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great Reads!

I am an avid reader. Always have been, always will be. Over the last month I've read a few new & exciting books I want to share!

"The Light Between Oceans".  

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This is a book about a couple in the early 1900's; they live under extraordinary circumstances. The losses they face and the situations they go through, and how their relationship is quite amazing. I will say, this book is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is a very, very sad story. The ending is sort of happy, but sort of not. It is very bizarre. I'll be honest, I had wished I'd never read it. But, if you are recently having faced the loss of a child it could be the book for you as you may be able to find a connection with the main character.

"Friendship Bread"

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This is a book about friendship & communities coming together during hard times. This was a feel good book that made me cry a lot, but they were tears of joy for everyone involved. The idea of the story is developed around "Amish Friendship Bread" which winds up bringing the entire community together. If you want a pick me up book (which I needed after The Light Between Oceans) this is a great read! This & the previous book I am reading with the book club from A Bowl Full of Lemons

"Ruby in the Smoke"

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This is actually a young adult novel. I know...go ahead and laugh now, but you know you read "The Hunger Games" Trilogy. ;) It's a story about a young girl in 1800's London who has been orphaned and has to find out what happened to her father in order to truly gain control of his inheritance before it is too late. During a time when women, especially young women like herself, aren't fully educated and aren't really listened to she has to find a way to over come these obstacles and show she is perfectly capable of caring for herself while investigating the interesting events surrounding her father's death. It is a quick, fun read and takes you through the streets of olde London, complete with exciting back alley escapes!

"Family Storms"

This one is about a young girl who at a young age her father walks out on her & her mother. Her mother was never a strong person so after a while she sadly loses it while all Sasha can do is watch. As a young girl who should be in school enjoying life she is left to sell goods on the streets of Santa Monica, CA with her ailing mother. After a time her mother really loses it & her & Sasha wind up being hit by a car on a rainy night. In true V.C. Andrews fashion a rich family swoops into save Sasha. However, this isn't the end of Sasha's troubles. She has to go through all sorts of horrific scandal before she can find her happy ending. I am looking forward to the next book in the series, Cloudburst, as these books seem to be an ode to an earlier VC Andrews.

"Hip Home Ec: Get Crafty"

This book really & truly inspired me to look at my home and caring for my family in a different way. She says to look at each & everything you do as a "craft" or "project", something you want to do for yourself & your family/home this way you will be more likely to do your best. If you do your best then you wind up pampering yourself, your family, and your home. She also encourages you to love the space you live in. It may not be your perfect or ideal space, but it is what you have for right now so loving it to the best of it's ability is what you should do. When doing this you will be happier, your family will be happier, and you will feel blessed all around. This is a great read for anyone; especially those who may feel like they need some extra inspiration in their lives.

This is what I have coming up that I am enjoying/going to enjoy: 

Two of the books are from the Ruby in the Smoke series. I am continuing with my teenage love of VC Andrews, and I had to have a political book in there, plus tons of things about caring for the home. I've never really been a designer or someone who is good with laying out a home/decorating so I am hoping to get better with some of these fun books that also have lots of DIY's in them! Maybe I'll do a few features from each book!! ;)

What are you currently reading? I could use some recommendations!

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