Monday, April 29, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

Hello all! We are back at Monday! Try not to hate, Monday is having a bad day too! 

So, moving on, it’s that time for meals again. Yes, the family DOES want to eat this week (and I'm sure you do too!). Seems this happens every week, eh??

So  this is what is on the menu for us this week:


Kiddo-Carnation Instant Breakfast (3 days) (If anyone knows of an Organic drink like Carnation's that is GMO free & is sold in Canada let me know), Lucky Charms (2 days, not typical but she’s been begging so I figured one week won’t kill her, certainly didn’t me!)

Me-Fruit & yogurt parfait (2 days), Egg quesadilla & bacon (one day), Green protein smoothie (2 days)
Saturday-Omelets with bacon and home fries


Monday-out to new Organic Pizza Place with daughter by her school

Kiddo-Tues/Thurs: subs & veggie soup; Wed/Fri: Pizza discs and cucumber slices

Me-Tues/Thurs: Quinoa pizza bites with veggie soup; Wed: Sub with veggie soup; Fri: Lunch date with hubby

Saturday: Just light snacks: homemade tortilla chips, boiled eggs, cheese, pickles, lunch meat

Sunday: Leftover twice baked potatoes & salad

Monday: Sweet & sour pork tenderloin in the crock pot with fried rice: Put pork tender loin in the crock pot with the ingredients from this sauce recipe. Cook on low for 8 hours. When read to serve it in a pan heat 1T of olive oil throw in some leftover rice along with corn and peas and carrots (I'm using green beans though because that is all I have), when heated through make a well in the center and crack the egg, and fry up & mix into the rice. When done dish out onto plates and top with sweet & sour pork.

Tuesday: Corn, bacon, and scallion sautee serve with green salad

Wednesday: Soup (tomato) and mozzarella grilled cheese (hubby gets back this day so I want to do something easy).

Thursday: Turkey burgers with gravy (gravy recipe from P90X cookbook) and salad

Friday: Homemade Calzones with salad (I use this recipe for the dough for the calzones, I just sub white whole wheat flour & omit the sugar. Then, divide it into 6th’s, roll each one out nice and thin and stuff with ricotta, mozzarella, and any toppings you want), then fold over & press together and bake at 350F (176 C) until done. 
Favorite Calzone Stuffing:
Sweet Italian Sausage

Saturday: Pork chops, twice baked potatoes and salad or leftover veggies.

Sunday: Whole BBQ rotisserie crock pot chicken, with rice (double batch because leftovers from chicken and rice will be used next week), and corn/green beans/salad (pretty much whatever leftover veggies are in there & need to be used up). 

Well, there is my fabulous Monday Meal Plan! I will be back later on today with how I prep everything so cooking and getting the kid & husband out the door in the morning isn't too hectic! 

What is on your menu for the week???

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