Sunday, March 31, 2013

April's Super Healthy Meal Plan

Years and years ago I decided I was going to get in shape. Now, I will say exercise has never been an issue for me. I love to walk, I love to run (have done several half marathons), I've completed P90X and Insanity and recently took up learning to pole dance. However, eating healthy, truly healthy, has always been my downfall. I love things that are bad for me. I love greasy hot dogs, greasy burgers, ooey gooey chocolate treats. You name it if it is bad for me it is probably on my list of favorite foods.

However, as of late, these foods don’t like me. I have a ton of belly fat building up. Most people don’t notice but I know it is there and it is bothering me. Not to mention the headaches I get from refined sugar and all that icky crap. Plus the lethargy, stomach aches, etc. So, starting today I dove into my Insanity & P90X nutrition books and I put together a meal plan for April that consists of five meals a day. It says that my calorie intake should be somewhere around 1700 calories. However, I will be doing Insanity and training for a half marathon, so I think I may need to up what I eat, but we will see. For now I have ten pounds I gained over the winter sadly (that is what happens when you have the amazing Blenz Coffee shop two blocks from your apartment). So, once I lose that & have my body fat percentage back to where it was when we left for vacation over the summer I will up my calorie intake as needed to maintain.

So, here is my very healthy monthly Dinner meal plan (there are variations for picky hubby & daughter):


M&C Regular w/ Corn (C: GB)
K: Turkey
& Green Beans
Brown Rice Bowl
(M: Chicken & Rice w/ Corn)
Lean Steak with broccoli/Corn
Citrus baked chicken and glazed carrots
M&C: Regular
K: Cauliflower
All: Salad
M&C: Regular
Kate: Seafood Marinara &WW Pasta
All: Salad
Teriyaki chicken with glazed carrots
Tacos/turkey rice bowl
Omelets with English muffin and diced fruit
Beef/turkey sliders and green beans/corn
Smorgasboard of leftovers
Dinner at black & blue with friends: Kate-salmon & steamed broccoli (is the plan this place has an amazing wellington so I may forego all food just to get it that day LOL)
Out to eat with friends in town: get white fish or sides of veggies and a sweet potato
Steak and broccoli/corn
Crockpot rotisserie chicken/salad/apple slices
Chicken Quesadillas (with WW tortillas)/black beans/salad
Island Pork Tenderloin with salad
Chicken Sliders with salad and pear slices
WW Pasta and Veggies/chicken alfredo
Steak & veggies (whatever is leftover could be warm veg’s or salad)
Citrus baked chicken with glazed carrots
Mango/ginger pork tenderloin with rice/green beans
Honey-chile chicken breasts with snap peas/corn
Tacos/veggie tacos with salad/corn
Turkey breast and gravy/green beans/soup
Pizza burgers and salad (reg/turkey)
Steak with any leftover veggies
Rotisserie crockpot chicken with salad/apple
Soup & pulled chicken sliders and apple
Chicken and cheese Omelets with English muffin

Grocery List:
Ground Beef (comes in a 5 lb package)
Ground Turkey (I hope they have this)
Pork Tenderloin (comes with 3 in a package)
Chicken Breasts (2 bags comes with giant breasts [that sounds so wrong lol])
Whole chicken (they come 3 to a pack there)
Bananas (2 big bunches, one really ripe and freeze for smoothies
Carrots (they have a giant bag that makes them nice for juicing)
Top round steak (4)
Skirt Steak (2)
Red leaf lettuce
Bag of spinach (I know I shouldn’t buy the bags but I despise washing & drying the lettuce lol)
White rice
Tomatos (a few bunches to juice for juice & making marinara sauce)
Urban Fare
Meyer Lemons (juice two as soon as I get home to brush on sliced apples)
So, that is my dinner menu. Breakfasts, lunches and snacks I plan by the week but I typically pick 2-3 things I want for breakfasts/snacks and will cook those up ahead of time so I can just sort of grab and go. When I do my meal plan for each week you will see. This is going to be a very, very healthy month for us and I don’t plan on deviating. As I am calling this “slim month” all around. We are going to eat well and we are going to spend as little as possible. That means there will be no money for hot chocolates, donuts, etc. Every Sunday we sort of celebrate the day by having donuts I plan on making my super healthy vegan pumpkin donuts holes for our Sunday treat that way we don’t spend the money on crap, yet we still have a bit of a “treat”. I may even make my healthy chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup so hubby & daughter can have their flavoured milks. We will see though.  
As the month goes on when I post my weekly meal plan complete with breakfasts, lunches and dinners I will post recipes as well. Most of my meals will be around 200-300 calories but I eat every 2-3 hours so it works well. J

Happy Spring Y’all!

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