Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Flippin' Friday!

Finally Friday! The kiddo & the husband have been jonesing for this day since Monday! haha Every day I've heard "Nothing ruins a Friday like realizing it's _____________(insert any day but Friday here!)" So, now that we have come to the end of the week I've spent this last week organizing the blog. It's so much prettier. I hadn't done any HTML work since approximately 2004 or so when I took my last computer design course & decided it probably wasn't for me. So, that was fun to get reacquainted with! But, I love the look of it and hope it may attract a few more readers. Now to just get the new pages I added all updated and I'll feel like I'm on track. If you haven't seen it I made a much more fun "About Me" page that gives a bit more detail and doesn't sound like something from 1920 like my last one! I hope to get a few more fun pictures up there, but getting all those organized has been painstaking. I hope to post a tutorial on how I got all of our photo's on one computer/hard-drive, organized, backed up, and printed! But, that is a long time coming I'm sure. For now let's move on to some Friday Fun...

Friday's usually make for a nice family evening. Everyone just wants to relax, not do anything too strenuous. So tonight I'll be cooking up some Teriyaki Pork. That recipe is fantastic! I just dice the pork, throw the sauce over it, let it sit for an hour or so (that part is totally optional) and then bake it at 204C (400F) for about an hour or so. Then I make some of my easiest over fried rice: heat a little olive oil over med-high heat, throw on the rice & get it coated by the olive oil, toss in some frozen peas & carrots dash with a bit of soy sauce & let warm on the lowest setting of your simmer burner. Very easy & quick & even has your veggies in it! Then, when done toss the pork over it & serve it up while watching some Friday night Smackdown. Or, whatever your Family's favorite thing to do on a Friday night is...we just happen to prefer the hilarity of Wrestling. I know, it's weird, but we all have our thing. 

This weekend though I plan on tackling quite a few projects they are as listed:

1. Moroccan Inspired Glass Jars for my daughter's room re-do.
2. Dye the daughter's pillowcases and bedskirt in the Moroccan colors she picked out.
3. Dip dye napkins for our no-waste lunches
4. Make this awesome shirt for summer.

1. Complete the weekend tabata challenge at Get your Sexy Back Mom's.
2. Complete my 4th week of Insanity
3. Using my Pear Heart-Rate Monitor instead of sitting on my butt during my daughter's cheer practice go for an 80 minute walk for an active rest day.
4. Take a nice walk along the sea wall and hopefully enjoy sometime competing with my daughter to see who can cross the monkey bars faster. ;)

So, what do you plan to do to stay busy this weekend? I think my projects and activities will keep us rather occupied. Hubby of course will be doing "research" aka, playing video games...I'm pretty sure that is why he switched careers ;)


Happy Weekend!!!

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