Thursday, March 5, 2015

Currently, Vol. 6

Well, it has been two weeks since I've done a currently! I was so sick for two whole weeks then my kiddo had her "early spring break" and now I am still fighting something in my chest...but I am still operational, thank goodness!

 Enjoying....all of the sun we have been having! It has been soooooooo nice! I am also 

enjoying the flowers I am seeing popping up all over! 

This was my 3rd day in a row of sunglasses!

These flowers are amazing. There are all different sorts popping up all over in all different colors. It is make the city very vibrant. get back on track with healthy eating. Less sugar, less treats. Not doing half 

bad so far, really enjoying the salads I have been making lately, I think my body was greens deprived.
This is my favorite salad lately...arugula, other green of choice, tuna, cottage cheese, avocado, apple, onions, and tomato with a drizzle of balsamic and some salt and pepper.

Shopping....just for groceries this month. We are spending on nothing but the necessities, so 

that is all we are buying.

Excited about...the upcoming night away hubby and I have planned. Should be fairly 

romantic...cute little dutch town planned around a castle. Can't beat it.

Quote of the Day...Not really a quote but more a series of statements I try to live by.


  1. That salad looks great! I can't wait for spring so I can start growing my salad again!

  2. That salad looks incredible. I am glad you are feeling better. I am soooooo ready for spring!!!
    Have fun with your hubby on date night!!
    Thank you so much for joining me in my Currently series this week. Have a great weekend! XO Becky

  3. Awesome looking salad! A weekend away near a castle sounds too perfect! Have a good time :)