Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meal Plan Monday 2015 #11

Well, this weekend was a fun one. It really started on Thursday with a 25 km bike ride with the kiddo. Thursday she is released early from school and since the sun is up longer we decided we would start doing something cultural after school each of those days. I will say I have raised such an adventurous kid with an amazing sense of direction. She managed to convince me-who has always been too scared to bike downtown-to bike downtown...and follow her! She navigated us there like a champ, coming home was a bit longer but sooooooo much fun!

Friday evening we just relaxed as she had come home sick from a bit of dizzyness. Saturday she was fine and wound up going downtown with friend to walk around in their onesies...because what else are a group of teenage expats to do on a sunny Saturday?!

While they were busy doing that the hubby and I headed over to rent a tux for a party we are attending in a couple of weeks and then we walked around De Pijp and had lunch at The Butcher.

Best burgers we've had in Amsterdam...go try them!

After that we biked over to the Rijksmuseum (it is only a 5 minute ride) so we could ride under the building which has had a lot of controversy, which I will write about in time. It was a lot of fun, after we headed over to see Chappie.

This past week was fairly successful, I really focused on my goals and managed to get back on working out, didn't do much reading, because I got involved in Call the Midwife on Netflix, ha! But, this week all reading. ;)

Workout Schedule
  • Monday: PIYO drench
  • Tuesday: 2 mile run, fit tutor
  • Wednesday: 4 mile run, stretching
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday: Insanity Cardio
  • Saturday: 3 mile run, fit tutor, stretching
  • Sunday: Stretching
  • Dutch
  • Finish the Poet's Wife
  • Get at least 5 cards made
  • Mail birthday packages
  • Oatmeal bowl, using up the frozen fruit X3
  • Egg whites with sweet potato and breakfast greens X2
  • Saturday: Pancakes
  • Sunday: Cinnamon roll croissants
  • Turkey and cheese sandwiches with orange slices and cheese X3
  • Leftovers X2
  • Saturday: Grilled cheese and soup
  • Sunday: Snack on leftovers
For this week I have two dinners which my husband won't touch because I highly anticipate he will have at least two dinners at work this week...he usually does. The rest are things he will eat. I didn't include any days to eat out as we are going on an over night trip the weekend after next and I don't want to spend any unnecessary extras :)
So, what are you up to this week?

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  1. I love breakfast for dinner! And it's so great you've raised such an adventurous kid- bravo momma! We are attending a wedding this next week that I'm in and I am worried sick about leaving my little ones. We don't use babysitters yet simply because he is deathly allergic to so many things. So something that should be so wonderful is making me so very worried- but don't worry, I would never tell the bride or anyone in the wedding party... Everyone is extremely stressed out as it is. Yah for weddings!

  2. Cinnamon roll croissants sound insanely good - and complicated to make! Have a great week!!

    ~Clarinda at Enjoying the Course

  3. The buckwheat breakfast porridge sounds amazing! I am a big fan of all things porridge :) I am also a big fan of Call the Midwife... always makes me cry (in a good way)!! Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

  4. Your menu sounds delicious. Love love Piyo!