Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Currently, Vol. 7

This last week has been full of some interesting and fun days. We are going through a rather complicated issue with the kiddo and school, I was sick for four weeks, and spring is definitely on the way. So, here is a little recap of what is going on Currently.

First off I want to give a great big thank you to Motherhood Through My Eyes for featuring one of my instagram photos in her Moms Who Motivate post yesterday, really made my day as Instagram is my favorite social media and I am glad I made her feel like gettin' up and movin'! Now groove on over there and check it out, and follow me on Insta if you don't already, would love to "see" you over there! 

Making...a lot of smoothies lately. Trying to use up the frozen fruit so I can defrost the freezer, it has a lot of ice build up.

This gem is from Angela over at Oh She Glows, it is her Flu-Buster Clementine Smoothie. Full of Vitamin C and just really makes your throat feel awesome when it is raw and dry and just feeling awful.

Watching...sunsets, around 18.30...so lovely to have no clouds and sun until 18.30!

Enjoying...my workouts. Took me a long time to fall back in love with exercising again. I had continued on my workout path but wasn't truly enjoying them, I am happy to report I am truly loving my workouts again.

Loving...the date nights my hubby and I have had and the yummy restaurants we've been finding.

Thankful...for all the time I get to spend with this young lady and that she is so adventurous in exploring our city and Europe in general.

Quote of the day...Things haven't been easy the last few weeks for the kiddo at school, but as soon as she gets home and can be herself and we can goof off laughter seems to cure all. So, chin up, everyone...if you are having a bad day, try and laugh it off....will at least bring down the stress levels ;)

So, what have you been making, watching, and enjoying?

What are you thankful for lately?


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! I love that quote, ,it's so so true!

  2. That burger looks delicious! I am visiting you from the Currently link up and I must say, you're renewed my desire to visit the Netherlands. I haven't been in about a year, and your photo reminded me I need t be planning a Eurotrip in the near future. Have a great week!

  3. What a great quote!! Your workout looks so bright and fun to me.

  4. How fun to be exploring and enjoying date nights! Beautiful sunset.

  5. Laughter is an instant vacation...I love that! I have been drinking smoothies lately as well! I have been enjoying a tropical taste to mine and they have been great!

  6. Mmmm...your smoothie looks delicious!
    That burger looks ABSOLUTELY incredible!
    Love that quote! Very true!
    Thank you for joining my Currently series this week! I love hearing what you are up to!
    XO Becky with Choose Happy