Thursday, June 26, 2014

Culture Shock: Week 4: Doritos, Backpacks, and Internet Banking, Oh My!

 Wow! It's been so long since I've done one of these! We've actually been in Europe 8 weeks now! It has been such an amazing adventure. From learning how to write an address to learning all our favorite products at the grocery store. These last couple weeks we have encountered some humorous and interesting things.....

The day the teenager and I discovered the "cool american" doritos was quite a day. We were just walking along and realized wow! they do carry chips here then as we were looking for a flavor we recognized the laughing that ensued got us a few dirty looks in the aisle, but it was all in good fun...incase you don't know the are the "cool ranch" flavor ;)

What do you mean Doritos don't need an "artsy" photo...of course they do! ;)

This was a fun one to discover. About two weeks ago we started seeing a ton of backpacks hanging from flagpoles. We couldn't figure out what it was. Well, the kiddo cheers with a bunch of older kids who were posting picture of them under their backpacks hanging from the flagpole and apparently it is a Dutch tradition to sling your bag over the flagpole to say "Yay! I'm all done, I don't need a school bag anymore". Pretty neat tradition huh?!

Finally...internet banking! This was a super interesting thing to learn. When we were first given the machine we didn't really understand what to do with it. But, basically you download the software to it, then when you go to log into your bank account on your banks website you plug this in, put your debit card in, enter your pin, press ok, and then you are in your account! You use this when transferring money between accounts, for bill payment, and when making an online purchase with a website that accepts debit as some European & Canadian sites do! Pretty neat huh? It makes the banking super secure. Although I will admit trying to get it to work at first was super frustrating because the day we did it apparently the English part of the site was experiencing technical difficulties and we couldn't understand anything! haha

So, that wraps us up for this week. My favorite is still the "Cool American" Doritos! I still giggle at that!

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