Monday, June 30, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve written a Menu Plan Monday post! 

I will be honest, I actually stopped meal planning completely there for a while. Shockingly, it is working for us! We haven’t been eating repeat meals and I am cooking much healthier…I’m pretty much back to a mostly vegetarian diet, very little meat at all for myself and I feel so much better. I just don’t think I do well on meat haha

Anyway, even though I haven’t been doing formal meal planning that isn’t to say I am completely without a plan at all. What I have been doing is making a list of snacks and things we want, fruits and veggies we like that are in season and I buy enough on Monday to get me through the week and on Thursday night after dinner when the market is cleared out I head back up and stock us up for the weekend. Living in Europe we only have one small drawer for storing pantry items right now & our fridge and freeze aren’t anything to write home about. So, this is the outline of my plan for this week (the last week of school…finally!) :

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Oatmeal with lots of fresh berries, banana pancakes, eggs & coconut quinoa patties
Saturday-omelets with sausage/coconut quinoa patties, melon or peaches
Sunday-Treat day…will be something homemade...not quite sure what yet...maybe french toast or some very vanilla vegan pancakes & some sausage...

Leftovers, salad, veggie sandwiches on whole wheat, soup
A few days this week the teenager will be out of town with school so she will eat out those days, then on the last day of school after our conference I will take her out somewhere special to celebrate…maybe the restaurant at the library because it has an amazing view.
Saturday-Grilled cheese or chicken nuggets/veggie nuggets or leftovers
Sunday-Eggs or whatever is leftover

Monday’s I try to go meatless, plus we have a meeting to get the keys to our permanent place so-grilled cheese with soup and salad
Tuesday-taco’s with corn and salad
Wednesday-Chicken/vegetarian patty sandwiches with salad and beans
Thursday-Chicken satay with baked potatoes/sweet potatoes and zucchini….I will use up the beans from Wednesday night to put in my potato in place of the chicken
Friday-Royal burgers/black bean burgers (royal just means egg on top lol) with potato wedges/sweet potato wedges and sugar snap peas
Saturday-Not too sure on this one yet…I’m thinking spaghetti….one I will serve traditionally over pasta but for mine  I will julienne some carrots and zucchini and serve the sauce (just crushed tomatoes & tomato paste seasoned up) over that.
Sunday-We may eat out-if I can find somewhere we all are agreeable to- if not though I’m thinking stuffed squash and some shrimp, then for the husband some corn and chicken wings

So I will say I will probably change around the order in which these happen. I will also make a few extra black bean burgers to freeze so I have some for lunches and other dinners. I am sort of in a rut and things seem the same because I am mostly only cooking from the stovetop. Remember this post??? Well, the oven thing still sucks and I really don’t know how to use it all that well and I can’t wait for our bed to be delivered so we can be in our new place with an oven that works, an electric grill, and English TV.

I know, first world problems, don’t feel sorry for me.

So, what are you cooking up this week?

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  1. The Chicken satay with baked potatoes/sweet potatoes and zucchini sounds yummy!!