Monday, December 23, 2013

Menu Plan Monday #32 +holiday meal planning help and a weekend recap

Hello, Everyone!!! We are just two days away from Christmas! Can you even believe it?! By now, most of you should have your Christmas menu planned. If you don't here are a few resources to help you plan it...better late than never right?!

Now, for us, we are actually going to go our for dinner. I cooked a huge meal back in October for Thanksgiving and I still have leftovers frozen in the freezer! So, we decided we would go out since some places are going to be open we figure we would go and give those waiters and waitresses some business and tip them quite well and bring some fun baked goods along with us.

This past weekend was a fairly busy one....

We started off the day with a trip to the coffee shop, then we headed out for lunch where the kiddo and the husband were goofy as ever! Their faces depict how we were all feeling for sure. Then, the kiddo dared her Dad to eat a lime. He started to not take it then she accused him of being boring so he did it. He obviously hates limes lol The winter punch was the best thing I ate at that meal so it is what got featured! We then finished getting all of the kiddo's snow boarding gear, will talk more about that in the future as that has been quite the learning experience! After that 4 hour trip we headed out to our friends house, they live in the suburbs so it's a bit of a drive. We stopped at her salon because the husband needed a haircut and we all had a glass of wine while she snipped away. It was fantastic. They cooked us a great meal and then we all drove around checking out the Christmas lights in the area. We saw some really great ones, many of them were to benefit the Children's hospital, which is wonderful! 
Sunday, we lied around and hardly moved from the couch. We watched the entire first season of Breaking's kind of depressing and I can't say I am a fan. But, typically unless it's funny or talks about history I tend to not be a fan. Any Breaking Bad fans out there? Should I stick with the next four season?

Now, let's move along to what you are all here for....

Breakfast ideas: cream of wheat, eggs & bacon, pancakes, waffles, Cinnamon Buns for Christmas Day, leftovers

Lunch ideas: leftovers, grilled cheese, soup, baked potatoes


Monday: Stuffed, twice baked potatoes
Tuesday: Chicken alfredo bake and salad
Wednesday: (Christmas) Currently planning on eating out, may possibly make steak, prawns, and lobster with corn and salad though
Thursday: Slow cooked BBQ beef with corn and salad, possibly some rolls
Friday: Smothered Chicken with mixed veggies and salad
Saturday: Date night with friends, going to share a plate of Korean BBQ
Sunday: Calzones with salad

Here is the set up of my menu board:
I really love this because it is just to the right of my bedroom door so when I come out in the morning I can look right at it and I'm not guessing about breakfast and it reminds me to take the meat out of the freezer if need be or to run to the market to grab some fresh.

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope you all have a great week and a very Merry Christmas if you are celebrating it!

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  1. Wow really awesome organization!