Monday, December 9, 2013

Maple VoxBox!

I was a very, very happy girl a few weeks ago when I got my maple voxbox in the mail! Can ya tell I was just a little excited?! 

I took this in the lobby of our building...our concierge was looking at me a bit funny, but I was so excited!

This is what the box looked like up opening. So many goodies! Skinny cow, impress, NYC, Ice exciting!

Here is my video of me unboxing it. Bear with me as this was my very first video I have ever done. It was also done today, so it was after I ate my skinny cow stuff (I will admit I broke into those as soon as I had the box open) I didn't realize Influenster would want us to do video's but now I know for next time! Live and learn, right?!

Yes, I put snowflakes over it because it was snowing today!!

Over the next week I will have more in depth reviews coming of each product!

I do want to add I received these products free through the Influenster Maple Voxbox Programme.

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