Monday, December 16, 2013

Menu Plan Monday #31 and weekend recap

Happy Monday, everyone! This is coming a bit late. I took my Sunday and got almost all the way through Janet Evanovich's Fearless Fourteen! I love these books, they are so hysterical. I started reading them a few years ago but thanks to all our moves and work and whatnot it has taken me a while to get through all of them. I am so glad too because I love how much they make me laugh. Plus, my hubby is on holiday this week (and for the two weeks after that lol) so I was busy spending so much time with him, it's been great!

Anyway, this weekend we had a quite a busy weekend with a Surprise party for our daughter on Friday night, a Christmas party that same night, a sleepover for the kiddo's birthday, and her cheer practice and a dinner for her birthday! Here are a few pics from our weekend...they are totally random and have hardly anything to do with this last paragraph...

As part of her birthday present I did the kiddo's chores for her on Friday...after picking up her bathroom I did a little towel origami. It was supposed to be a swan...since it looks more like a snake I obviously have a lot more practice to do! hahaha but it was so fun!

We learned the grinch lives in our strata building.....and he is redundant lol

During her surprise party her girlfriends graffiti'd her sweet!

The hubby and I at his Christmas party. It was a fun time, roaring 20's theme so there were some interesting cocktails to be had!

Now on to my menu. I will say, last week I finally started using my menu board again. This was honestly the best thing I have ever made for myself. When I have my meals written out right in front of me where I walk past it every morning I honestly can't forget to take out what I need for dinner or what my amazing breakfast ideas were during a Sunday afternoon but can't seem to pull out of my brain at seven am on a weekday.

For ideas like mine go see other menus at Org Junkie!!!

Monday: Coffee shop, hubby needed us out of the house
Tuesday: A hard boiled egg and cream of wheat/creamy rice
Wednesday: Eggs, bacon/back bacon, banana bread slice
Thursday: Egg in a basket with back bacon
Friday: Banana bread slice with hard boiled egg
Saturday: Omelette, bacon/back bacon, cinnamon toast/bread rolls
Sunday: Homemade doughnut holes with a fruit spread

Monday: Out for subs at Urban Fare
Tuesday: Going to see The Hobbit so we will just grab a Japadog/chicken salad for the kiddo with nuts, cheese cubes, and some dried fruit.
Wednesday: Leftover stew from the freezer for the kiddo/juice for me/grilled cheese for hubby
Thursday: Chicken wings for the husband/carrot chicken soup for the kiddo and I with a side salad
Friday: Popcorn, fruit, veggies, cheese plate/juice
Saturday: Homemade chicken nuggets (will do a large batch to freeze) with bacon green beans
Sunday: Nuts, hard boiled eggs, popcorn, and veggie spread

Monday: Hamburger helper with salad & corn
Tuesday: Coconut shrimp & mango salsa with mixed veggies & beans/steak bites with raclette and corn
Wednesday: BBQ pulled pork with salad and carrots
Thursday: New Recipe: Easy Cheeseburger Sliders with yam fries & regular fries, and corn and salad
Friday: Chicken breasts with corn and zucchini  
Saturday: We have a double date planned so New Restaurant Friday will be New Restaurant Saturday
Sunday: Three cheese pasta bake with salad

My menu has a lot of modifications this week as I am really concentrating on making our diet better for the kiddo and I. I don't want to go into the New Year feeling bloated and icky, so I figure I will keep things as clean as possible for right now. 

I hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Thank you so much Kate for linking-up over on my blog! Everything on your menu sounds delicious! :)