Sunday, May 18, 2014

Menu Plan Monday-Fresh 20 Week 2 +workout Ideas

Well, hello! Last week my meal plan featured week one of the Fresh 20 cookbook. All my dinners were based around this and they did not disappoint! I've been sharing them on Instagram so if you aren't following me over there please do!

Here is what some of the meals from The Fresh 20 Cookbook:

This is the meal Parmasean Chicken Nuggets with Honey Glazed Herb Carrots and Orange Slices

This is the Coconut Curry Style Fish. If you aren't a fan of coconut this does have a very heavy coconut flavour so be warned...

This last one is the Pan Seared Chicken Panzanella. I just sprinkled a little balsamic vinegar on top & the kiddo ate hers with no dressing. It was really tasty, the flavors were amazing. I loved the homemade croutons I will be remembering that for the future!

I didn't make two of the recipes from this plan because we had two instances where we ate out and one instance where I made something different altogether. On Monday we had baked potatoes for Meatless Monday so I just took out the baked potato soup (I could tell my family just wouldn't like that one lol they aren't big soup fans) and we ate out a 2nd day because we were house hunting after a busy work day and the meal that  night was the korean style ribs & I couldn't find the short ribs anywhere in the city sadly. I may try this again but with some other type of beef.

But, overall all the recipes we made we loved and they are all family favorites now!

I think the best part of the book was the part where she tells you what to do to prep on Sunday night so you are set and ready for the week.

Now on to the meal plan....

This week my Breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are based off of Blogilates 12 Week New Body Makeover meal plans. I've been really suffering from eating poorly and need to get back on track. She is someone I can trust to give amazing advice so I figure I would follow her plans.

Oatmeal with banana coins and raisins, 3 egg whites
Yoghurt parfait and banana pancakes with almond butter/coconut oil drizzle
Brioche for the hubby and kiddo as grab and go for possible late days
Sunday: Banana Berry Crepes

**Prep: I will do over night oats for the oatmeal (1 cup almond milk with the oats & 1 T chia seeds & I will slice the bananas & divide up the raisins & let it set in the fridge. Morning of if I want I will heat it up & I will boil up a bunch of eggs & serve with hard boiled egg whites, I will also premake the parfaits & banana pancakes, crepes cooked fresh)

Hubby eats in the cafeteria at work each day and the teenager will take these items as well
Turkey, Spinach, Red Pepper Wrap and Pear
Ultra Clean Meatballs, sweet potato and roasted cauliflower
Sunday: Almond butter smoothie for me & the kiddo; hubby will snack

Apple slices with almond butter or pecans, fruit/veggies, edamame/pineapple, shakeology balls

Monday: Greek style lamb tacos with cucumber yoghurt sauce (I am unbelievably excited about these lol)
Tuesday: Orange Jalapeno Shrimp with broccoli and brown rice/For hubby: chicken wings with rice and corn (this will be my 2nd fave I think lol)
Wednesday: Chicken Satay with peanut noodles and cucumber salad
Thursday: Guacamole Tostadas with fried eggs/omelette, bacon, and toast for the hubby
Friday: Lamb pennewith a green salad/cucumber relish
Saturday: Cheeseburgers with potato wedges/sweet potato wedges
Sunday: Eat out, will try to do something fun like grab dinner and do bowling, we saw a place that looked like a decent restaurant with bowling so will see if we can stumble upon that again. As a side note this is a very busy day for us we catch a train (hour ride) to the teenager's cheer practice (it is 4 hours long +the 1 hour ride there & back for a total of 6 hours) and when I get home am pretty thoroughly exhausted so we will change "New Restaurant Friday" to "Sunday Funday Explorations"

We are giant dessert people. After dinner we love to have dessert together so I have put together some options that are picky hubby friendly, teenager friendly, and healthy for me.

Me: banana ice cream (I will season it with some cinnamon probably), shakeology "ice cream"
Hubby & Teenager: Milk & Cookies, and Coke Floats. I am doing this so they don't feel deprived. The milk & cookies hubby takes two cookies teenager one and milk is always allowed we use full fat. For the coke floats I use smaller glasses (honestly this isn't by choice glasses are just naturally smaller here lol)

So, that is what we are looking at this week. I can't wait to get to making it, everything sounds so delicious! I am really looking forward to those lamb tacos, I think they will be amazing!

Now, this week's workouts!

Last week I completed week one of C25K. Plus a week's worth of barre classes on YouTube. This week will be similar, just the workouts I'm doing after the run & on non-run days will be different.

Monday: C25K Day 4 and Standing Abs
Tuesday: 1000 Calorie Workout-HIIT Cardio, Strength, Kickboxing and Abs
Wednesday: (hopefully I am still alive after Tuesday lol) C25K Day 5 and Stretch
Thursday: Another 1000 Calorie Workout just because I am totally insane
Friday: C25K Day 6 and Thousand Burpee Burnout just because I want to be in pain
Saturday: Quiet apartment workout and a ton of walking because we will go do something touristy
Sunday: Yoga/Stretch/Walk (As mentioned above I will be spending 4 hours at the teenager's cheer stuff so I will use a corner of the gym to to do some stretching and recuperating from the week's workouts)

What are you most looking forward to cooking this week? Do you take a day off and eat out? What about workouts, are you working toward any goals?


  1. I think I would love that coconut soup... the rest of my family not so much... I need to figure out someone to cook it for!

    1. I will say the coconut soup really takes away the fishiness of the fish. My daughter is not a fan of frozen fish (she's a snob lol her's has to come straight from the ocean lol) and even she liked it and said, "Mom, this isn't fishy at all it's great!" so you may want to give it a try (Have a back up sandwich bar at the read though haha) or have a girls night & make it for some girlfriends!

  2. I'm super, super impressed with your meal planning! Everything sounds so tasty and even better, so doable. Thanks for linking up with the #smallvictoriessundaylinky! You've been pinned to the group board. :)

  3. Wow, I love these meal (and especially the dessert) ideas. I always want dessert so appreciate the healthy suggestions! Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linky and hope you join us again this week, new linky starts tonight!