Monday, April 7, 2014

Menu plan Monday +workout planning

So, ladies & gents...I just finished P90X3!!! I have more coming on that soon, but I did finish it just this past weekend. Overall I am happy with my results as I feel a lot stronger and tighter, but I will be honest I didn't really watch what I ate, so my results aren't 100% what I wanted...yet!

So, this menu plan focuses on clean, healthy eating for myself and my family of course. I am really changing how we are eating simply because the way we've been eating just doesn't work for us. None of us feel amazing so I am going back to my trusty clean recipes that work. Sorry pinterest, but those greasy awesome casseroles I've been making just aren't working...

I'm linking up my menu this week here:

M-W-F: Big ass pancake with sunbutter and half a banana 
Tu-Th: 2 egg omelette with mushrooms, onion, spinach, avocado, and cheese and a slice of ezekiel bread with coconut oil & some gingerbread spice
Sat & Sun paleo donut holes with fruit

Monday: Leftovers
Tu & Th: Salad (chicken or tuna) with hard boiled eggs and avocado
Wed & Fri: Quinoa salad (throw in some black beans, onion, spinach, tomato)
Sat & Sun: Leftovers, omelettes & toast, or subs and salad-this will really depend on what we have time for we may just grab lunch at a food truck or something as we will be at a cheer leading competition 

Monday: Coconut crusted chicken strips,  zucchini fries, corn for the hubby
Tuesday: Tacos (we will do veggie & traditional)
Wednesday: Burgers with mushrooms, onions, and sugar snap peas
Thursday: Caramelized chicken/chick pea patties, with zucchini & mushrooms and french fries for the hubby
Friday: Homemade pizza (will do traditional and a zucchini crust) with salad
***this weekend will be super busy so these two meals are play it by ear, we may eat a late lunch so these may be moved to next week****
Saturday: Stuffed chicken breasts/chickpea patties with sugar snap peas and corn
Sunday: Homemade hamburger helper (this I make two of, one a regular and one with black beans and no meat) with salad  

Now, since I am done with X3 I am in maintenance mode for a while. I originally planned to run the Seattle Rock & Roll Half on June 21st as mentioned back in January, but we've had something come up that is interfering with that, so, I am coming up with my own schedule. I know over the last year or so I haven't done much to lengthen my muscles so that is what I am focusing on. So there will be a lot of stretching and a lot of running.

Monday: Massage therapy day, X-Stretch from the original P90X set
Tuesday: 1 Mile Run, 1 Mile walk, Insanity Cardio Abs +foam rolling
Wednesday: Core Cardio and Balance
Thursday: 2 mile run + X3 yoga +Foam Rolling 
Friday: Insanity Cardio Recovery
Sunday: P90X Stretch

I included a lot of stretching this week since I had my massage therapy appointment the girl told me it will be most beneficial if my workouts this week included lots of stretching, so that is what I am doing! 

What are you doing for workouts this week?

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  1. I love that you've added a work out plan as well!! I need to get on top of my exercise, I really miss running.