Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday...Throwback Thursday....maybe both??

It is almost Thursday here, as we prepare for a huge adventure in our lives I find little momentos here and there that make me smile. There are just some things that you cannot get rid of. One of this things for me is this:

It's such a fun little retro item isn't it?! I believe it was given to me by my Grandfather, he died when I was 3 but I still vaguely remember him. That or I just saw so many pictures of him and my mother and Grandmother told me so many stories I just think I remember him. 

This item though brings back so many fun memories. I remember being in elementary school and by Florida standards I remember it being freezing cold and my mother didn't often bring this set out but she made my breakfast in this set: hot cocoa with marshmallows (good ones too not the crappy ones In the Swiss miss packet lol), toast, and oatmeal. I have no idea why I remember that, but I do. I hope my daughter has memories like this when she is my age. Heck, I'm sure she will have memories of this set...I fed her with it often when she was little.

Here is an unedited version of the set:

Do you have any thing like this? What is one item for you that brings back warm, fuzzy memories?


  1. OH! It's a BREAKFAST SET! Too cute :D

    I have my baby blankie, crocheted for me by a great aunt, before I was born. It used to cover me in my pram, and okay, it's now in a box, but it's only in a box 3 feet from where I sleep...

  2. That is cute & love that you kept it for the memories. I have several things that belonged to my grandparents. :-)
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  3. Oh my gosh I had a place setting I believe just like that. My mom left it in the China cabinet though so I unfortunately didn't get to use it