Monday, June 8, 2015

Currently, Vol. 11

Once again I am linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her weekly Currently link-up!

We had a crazy busy week last week and that will only be a bit crazier this week since the husband is gearing up to go to a big conference in Los Angeles as the end of this week. I am sad, but it will give the kiddo and I some good one on one time and I can hopefully drag her around to see a few sights...I'm thinking even a few day trips might be in order on the weekends!

Well, I could get really off track here so let's get back to currently...

Eating...Pofferjtes-or "fancy foreign pancakes" as my brother calls them (haha)-with nutella and whipped cream. Friday morning we got up for a sunrise bike ride and picnic...was so peaceful. But I will warn you-sunrise bike ride in Amsterdam means getting up at 4:45 as the sun is above the horizon by 5:15-5:20!

Wondering...why The Netherlands can't have more gorgeous clear blue 30C degree days like this one last Friday....

Loving....that I have great friends to sight see with and they can take awesome pictures like this of me-with their cute toddlers hanging out in the background giving me rocks hehe bike EVERYWHERE! I can't stress this enough-everywhere! The weather has been so nice, meaning not raining, so I haven't been on public transport once and it has been so nice...but my thighs are screaming! haha

Crying...well, I'm not but the teenager will be when she see's this! haha We were having milk from the Melktap last week before riding home and she didn't want me to take her photo..but I did anyway, I still think it is pretty darn cute!



  1. The Netherlands looks so beautiful! I love your pictures.

  2. I love looking at your pictures. It looks beautiful there.
    Stopping by from the link up - Jenny

  3. Ahhh I want to visit! Gorgeous pictures.

  4. Wow, the Netherlands looks gorgeous! I'd love to go sometime!

  5. The Netherlands looks so amazingly gorgeous! And, I wish I could ride my bike everywhere... that would be fun! Not sure I could get up that early for a sunrise, though! ;)