Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Super Cute Shopping Bags!

So here is a story of a woman who has all sorts of craft supplies yet rarely uses them. Does this sound familiar to anyone?!

Well, I live in a very, very, very small apartment in the middle of the city. I live with my husband and our teen. I love to craft, I love to collect craft supplies. However, over the years I sadly was not so great about actually doing the projects I set out to do. Well, I decided as part of my Happiness Project one of the number one things that causes me stress is the projects I haven't done. Sounds silly right?! Well, it is what it is. So, in my new found determination to take action I started working on projects. 

The project I will share with you today is a recycled project that uses one item we all have around the house: old t-shirts!!!! This project will take approximately 10 minutes or less per shirt!

I came up with this idea when the kiddo was cleaning out her drawers one day. She had tons of t-shirts that I personally didn't want her to part with because that would mean she was growing up. It would mean those sweet adorable shirts she only used a few times would no longer exist in our universe. Sappy, right?! Well, again it is what it is. So, I was determined to reuse a few of these shirts, so I created grocery bags and produce bags!!!

Here's how:

Gather old T-shirts and a pair of scissors:

Who would want to get rid of these?! Aren't they adorable?!

Now, you get to the cutting part, this is where it get fun:

First, cut off the arm holes

Then cut off the next, see those nice handles you got goin' on???

Next, cut the bottom hem off the t-shirt

Now, cut a slit up the side of the shirt right up the seem, I'd say at least 2"

Do this all the way across....You can make the cuts small like I did here, just be very careful when tying them as I've found they are much more fragile. Here is an example of another one I did where I made the cuts a bit wider:

I've found those are a bit sturdier for tying so I would definitely recommend cutting them at least a half an inch, if not a full inch apart.

Now, begin tying. 

Make sure you double knot them! Don't want those ties coming undone on your walk home from the market!

Keep going, almost done!

YAY!!! All finished!!! Isn't it adorable?!

How about this one:

100% girly approved?! Pink with ruffles and sparkle!!! I get so many compliments on this one when I'm running errands!

Here are two others I made:
(Sorry for the bad lighting for those)

Here is a smaller one I did that I use as a produce bag:

This one is great for small things like onion, garlic, etc. 

For bigger produce items like apples, pears, etc., I use these:

They are the sleeves of long sleeved t-shirts. I just cut the top of the shirt off to even them out. Then, I flatten the sleeve out to cut handles at the top. Next, cut off the hem of the sleeve at the bottom, just like you did for the shirt. Then, cut up the side of each seem (at least an inch) and make 2-3 more cuts. Tie those and you are done! On the darker one when I cut the handles I did cut slits into the sides so it had a little bit of decoration to it! 


Since we moved to Amsterdam I have used these bags a ton. I am constantly getting compliments on them so I thought I would post an update about how much these suckers hold! I know, a t-shirt you may be worried it will stretch or break...but no. I can fit an entire week's worth of groceries for three of us in these and carry them 10-15 minutes back home.

Those suckers are stuffed! But the best part is once they are unloaded they go back to their original shape. Another bonus: they are washable just like you would any other t-shirt!

What do you make with old t-shirts?!


  1. These are darling! Thanks for adding to Click Chicks. Hope to see you next week for Halloween Pictures!

  2. So creative, I'm always looking for a way to reuse sentimental clothes...there are some pieces you can never part with, and glad you found a way to recycle these!

  3. This is such a good idea. Your tutorial was very clear, and I'm glad you added the comment about the strength and durability of the bags. I may make some! Happy SiTS Day !

  4. These shopping bags are cute!! And look easy to make. LOVE the idea :)

  5. I know what you mean about not wanting to part with some Tshirts, and now I won't have to. Thanks