Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Organization: Cleaning Power Hour

Tuesday has come 'round and I am ready for Friday already. Anyone else?

Today will be a fairly quick read, which is good since this is getting published much later than I'd like!

Today we are discussing what I like to call the "Cleaning Power Hour". I can't take all the credit for this idea. It came to me when I was doing some training to get my Beachbody Business up and running. It was suggested that we do a "Power Hour" or "Power Half Hour" where we take 30 minutes to an hour a couple of times a day to just work on our business. I said to myself this is genius! I am awesome under pressure so to get those dreaded weekly chores done I should create a "Cleaning Power Hour"!

So, I sat down and listed what chores are important to me to get done at least one time per week:

  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Dust (living room/dining room/bedrooms)
  • Clean windows/mirrors
  • Clean tubs
  • Wash sheets
After this I said to myself ok, I have the list but I am terrible at remembering. When I was in high school I used to tell myself gosh it would be awesome if I had a device that would ring when I had something to do to remind me...then I said, "Oh snap, I do actually have that device now!" So, out pops the iPad.

I didn't buy any special apps as all the "routine" apps I've ever bought have been a let down. So I just used the "Reminders" app. It has great scheduling features and I can keep my lists separate.

See it down there...Monday Power Hour! I have lots to remember to do....and apparently never finished Christmas shopping for the teenager! hahahaha...moving on....

I then just added all my items line by line and put what time I wanted them due by. So every 10 minutes I get a ding that tells me to move to a new task. The 10 minute windows I have found are very accurate, if you do the chores every week. If you don't then they can take much longer. Which is why I like the cleaning power hour, one hour to complete 6 dreaded chores that, aside from sweeping & spot mopping I don't have to worry about for 6 more days?! YIPEE!

How do you schedule your cleaning? Do you use any cool apps for it?

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