Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Meal Plan & Prep #5

Happy Monday, Everyone!! 

So, I decided as I was editing this post last night that I would start numbering these. So, this being the 5th time I've done a meal plan/prep post is a loose, we'll just kind of go with it. ;) 

Anyway, we'll start off with a few pictures from the last week to get our Monday off on the right foot: 

I loved how the flowers were growing around this rock! Crazy enough though because we hadn't gotten any rain for about a week & it was surprisingly warm (about 25+ Celsius) the flowers were starting to get a bit wilt-ey. 
This was my FAVORITE picture from last week! It absolutely gives me a smile every time I see it. Not quite sure how it got "ship wrecked", but somehow it did!

Now, on to the important stuff for really setting our week off on the right foot...Meal Plan & Prep!!!


Kiddo: Carnation Instant Breakfast with half a pear
Me: Egg white & spinach omelet with half a pear & cottage cheese
***Prep on Sunday: Pre-mix carnation’s, premeasure cottage cheese & cut up pear & squirt with a little lemon juice to keep from browning.

Kiddo: Muffin & hot cocoa
Me: Protein Pancake with spiced pears
***Prep on Sunday: Premix pancake & cook on griddle, slice pear & mix with coconut oil & all spice. Muffin was leftover from last Saturday’s breakfast & hot cocoa will be made fresh for the rainy walk to school.

Wednesday: As a special treat we will go to a local deli inside our favorite grocery store & split a plate of French Toast & fruit salad!

Thursday: Cereal with bananas
***Prep on Sunday: Premeasure cereals into sandwich bag & premeasure milk into canning jar & store in fridge.

Friday: Big pot of banana nut oatmeal
***Prep on Sunday: none, this is a quick throw together morning meal.

Saturday: scrambled eggs, bacon, veggie sausage, and any leftover muffins
Sunday: Doughnuts & coffee!! (Can you tell this is my favorite day of the week! haha ;))

Kiddo: Leftovers
Me: Tuna salad with Zucchini chips
Hubby: Burger & pear
***Prep on Sunday: Mix tuna salad & slice & wash zucchini; take burger out of freezer & add slice of bacon & cheese, wash pear & wrap in clean towel. Put in bag for hubby to take to work, store in fridge. Kiddo, go through & see what needs to be used up. Portion out & store in fridge. Can do any necessary heat ups in the morning.

Kiddo: Fruit salad, banana nut muffin with nutella
Me: Green protein smoothie
Hubby: Blueberry Muffin, chicken breast, apple
Prep on Sunday: Pre-mix fruit salad & store in canning jar with a squeeze of lemon to prevent browning until read for thermos, have kiddo make muffins when done smear a couple with nutella, wrap in foil & store in fridge. Pre-make smoothie & freeze until Monday night when take-out & put in fridge.

Wednesday: Leftovers/Eat out (Kiddo has her farm day today & they help them prep & serve a farm fresh meal this day so I never send her with anything & I will grab a salad or something when I do my grocery shopping)

Kiddo: Same as Tuesday
Me: Same as Tuesday
Hubby: Burger with brown gravy & pear
***Prep on Sunday: See Tuesday, just double the batches. On Wednesday night take out smoothie & place in fridge to defrost. For hubby on Wednesday night take out burger & slather with leftover brown gravy from this past weekend’s poutine adventures & wash up a pear. Place all in his lunch bag & store in fridge until the morning. If you don’t have brown gravy quick whip up some of this & keep in fridge until you need it.)

Kiddo: Finish up leftovers or send cereal with dried fruit medley
Me: Finish up leftovers
Hubby: Eat anything you didn’t eat earlier this week or ham & cheese crescents with an apple

Saturday: Baked potato rounds with shredded chicken, cheese & bacon, serve with side salad.
***(No prep all will be made fresh)

Sunday: Light lunch. Just some fruit salad or light leftovers if any exist
***(No prep, all will be made fresh if need be)

Monday: Rotisserie chicken in the crockpot with green beans & corn
***Monday Prep: Take out chicken to defrost. Tear off foil to make 6 balls to place under chicken when you put it in on Monday morning.

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken sliders (on homemade 30 min buns), with rice, corn & zucchini. My “sliders” will be served in hollowed out zucchini skins & the “meat” of the zucchini will be served on the side with sliced onions & spinach.
***Monday Prep: Make rolls, hollow out zucchini & place in Tupperware with sliced onions. Store shells in a Ziploc bag.

Wednesday: This is a date night for us because we will be going to see the hysterical Critical Hit Show. So, the kiddo will get a “treat” (a frozen meal lol she loves those) & hubby & I will meet up early and eat out at this delicious poutine place to try their burgers!
***Monday Prep: None!

Thursday: Honey-garlic pork chops with bacon/cheese potato rounds/zucchini rounds
***Monday prep: Pre-slice zucchini & store in Tupperware.

Friday: Movie night!!! Finally seeing Iron Man 3!! Around noon I will start slow roasting in the oven Neely’s Ribs that I have adapted over time. I’ll share this recipe later in the week. I’ll serve it with some fresh made pear sauce, corn, and crescent rolls (those will be Pillsbury because those things are insanely delicious).
***Monday Prep: Pre-mix rub & boil down bbq sauce.

Saturday: Island pork tenderloin with salad
***Monday Prep: Pre-mix rub.

Sunday: Finally a break for me! We are celebrating a belated Mother’s Day. I had to drive the carpool on Mother’s Day last Sunday to Cheer because I needed Wednesday off so we decided to celebrate this week. We will go & finally see Star Trek while the kiddo is at Cheer (she doesn’t want to see that movie, sadly lol), then we will all meet up & try the restaurant I’ve been dying to try Le Crocodile.

So, those are all my meals for the week! Sunday I am super excited because it will be the first Farmer’s Market of the season! Hopefully I’ll be able to get amazing pictures of all the tasty fruits & veggies to share with you all! What is everyone else cooking up for the week?

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